Close Encounter: Elderly Man Survives Kangaroo Attack

Close Encounter: Elderly Man Survives Kangaroo Attack

What would you do if you came face-to-face with a kangaroo on a motorcycle ride?

A 74-year-old man from St Arnaud, Australia, had a heart-stopping moment when he was attacked by a kangaroo while riding his motorcycle on his farm. Despite being left scarred and with torn clothing, the man managed to escape the kangaroo’s clutches and avoid further harm.

Close Encounter: Elderly Man Survives Kangaroo Attack

Brian O’Donnell was out on his motorcycle, heading to check on a cow about to give birth when a lone male kangaroo started following him.

Instead of going towards other kangaroos, the large male jumped into a dam and began growling and jumping menacingly.

Trying to distance himself from the aggressive kangaroo, O’Donnell slowly moved away on his bike, but suddenly found himself under attack.

The kangaroo had him in a headlock, their faces almost touching and the man’s clothing torn.

In a desperate move, O’Donnell started punching the kangaroo until it finally let go and jumped away.

With little time to spare, O’Donnell quickly hopped back on his motorcycle and fled as the kangaroo charged at him again.

Once home, his wife rushed him to the local health service where he received stitches, bandages, and antibiotics for his wounds.

Experts speculate that the kangaroo may have been protecting a group of female kangaroos nearby or misinterpreted O’Donnell’s presence as a threat.

While O’Donnell’s punches may not have been effective against the kangaroo’s tough skin, they were enough to save him from further harm.

Close Encounter: Elderly Man Survives Kangaroo Attack

  • Brian O’Donnell, 74, was attacked and injured by a kangaroo at St Arnaud
  • He narrowly escaped on his motorcycle after being released from a headlock
  • Mr O’Donnell received stitches and antibiotics for his injuries

Despite the terrifying encounter, Brian O’Donnell is now recovering at home, while the cow he was checking on has still not given birth.

Close Encounter: Elderly Man Survives Kangaroo Attack

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