NRL Stars' Lawyers Slam Alleged Fight Charges as Baseless

NRL Stars’ Lawyers Slam Alleged Fight Charges as Baseless

But did the alleged fight really happen or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Lawyers representing NRL players Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell have strongly criticized the charges against them during a court hearing in Canberra. They question the legality of the arrests and whether a fight actually took place.

NRL Stars' Lawyers Slam Alleged Fight Charges as Baseless

The lawyers for Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell, two NRL stars, have come out swinging at a recent court hearing into an alleged fight at a Canberra nightclub. They have raised serious doubts about the validity of the charges against their clients.

Wighton is charged with fighting in a public place and failing to obey an exclusion direction. Mitchell, on the other hand, is facing charges of affray and striking three police officers. However, their lawyers argue that the arrests lacked a legal basis.

In a bold move, Mitchell’s lawyer, Jack Pappas, quoted lyrics from the iconic Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody song, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow.’ He described the case as a battle of power, with the police relying on ‘money and muscle,’ instead of upholding the law.

The court was shown CCTV footage that captured a scuffle between Wighton and Mitchell outside the nightclub. However, the defense claims that there was never a punch thrown, casting doubt on the severity of the alleged fight. The footage also depicted a large group of police running towards the players.

During the incident, Wighton was heard objecting and expressing his frustration with the police. Mitchell, too, was in distress and shouted profanities at the officers. He even encouraged bystanders to share the footage of the incident.

The defense lawyers strongly criticized the prosecution, arguing that it was based on illegality and impropriety. They urged the court to reject the evidence and questioned the validity of the exclusion order issued against Wighton. Additionally, they highlighted the emotional impact on Wighton’s cousin, who witnessed the incident.

Steve Boland, who represents Wighton, called into question whether a fight had occurred at all. He emphasized that no punches were thrown, further weakening the prosecution’s case.

NRL Stars' Lawyers Slam Alleged Fight Charges as Baseless

  • Both Wighton and Mitchell are facing charges over an alleged fight at a nightclub
  • Lawyers argue that the prosecution is based on illegality and impropriety
  • CCTV footage shows a scuffle between the players on the street
  • The defense claims that there was never a punch thrown

The lawyers for Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell have launched a scathing attack on the charges leveled against their clients. They argue that the prosecution lacks a legal basis and question the occurrence of a fight. As the court hearing continues, the NRL stars’ legal teams will fight to expose the alleged illegality and impropriety surrounding the case.

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