Ivanka Trump Denies Involvement in Father's Financial Statements in Fraud Trial

Ivanka Trump Denies Involvement in Father’s Financial Statements in Fraud Trial

Will the evidence presented in the trial be enough to prove the allegations of fraud against the Trump family?

Ivanka Trump, former executive vice-president of the Trump Organization, has testified in a New York court that she had no role in preparing her father’s financial statements, which are at the center of a fraud trial. This echoes the statements made by her adult brothers in the trial that will determine the future of Donald Trump’s business empire.

Ivanka Trump Denies Involvement in Father's Financial Statements in Fraud Trial

Ivanka Trump, who held an executive position in the Trump Organization from 2011 to 2017, has been called to testify in a civil trial investigating allegations of fraud. The trial has been hearing evidence that the Trumps inflated the value of their assets on financial statements as a routine practice. According to New York Attorney-General Letitia James, these financial statements contained fraudulent figures with the aim of securing more favorable loans and insurance deals.

Ivanka Trump stated that she was not involved in her father’s statement of financial condition. Her testimony was calm and collected, a contrast to her father’s heated exchanges with the judge earlier in the week. Before leaving the Trump Organization to work at the White House as an unpaid advisor, Ivanka Trump facilitated a lending relationship between the company and Deutsche Bank. The bank eventually lent the Trump Organization hundreds of millions of dollars, with the requirement that Donald Trump submit his financial statements annually. Ivanka Trump was questioned by the New York Attorney-General’s office.

When questioned about the specific apartments in a Trump-owned building on Park Avenue, Ivanka Trump stated that she did not have access to the financial statements referencing those apartments. Lawyers for the state of New York allege that Donald Trump claimed the apartments were worth more on his financial statements while giving his daughter a discounted price. The trial has already seen testimonies from Donald Trump’s sons, Eric and Don Jr., who also claimed to have minimal knowledge of the statements.

Ivanka Trump was initially named as a co-defendant in the civil case, but the appeals court dismissed her in June, citing the claims against her as too old. Despite attempts to avoid testifying, Ivanka Trump was required to appear in court. The judge has ruled against her father, her brothers, and the Trump Organization in a pre-trial decision, holding them liable for fraud. He has ordered the cancellation of some of the Trump family’s business licenses in New York. The judge still has to rule on other claims, including conspiracy and insurance fraud, as well as consider penalties sought by the attorney-general.

Outside the court, Attorney-General Letitia James stated that Ivanka Trump had secured loans based on fraudulent financial statements. She claimed that the evidence would prove Ivanka’s involvement in the company, contrary to her attempts to distance herself from it. Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican party’s 2024 presidential nomination, denies any wrongdoing, as do his sons. The trial is set to conclude in December, while Donald Trump faces multiple criminal cases with trial dates in the coming year.

Ivanka Trump Denies Involvement in Father's Financial Statements in Fraud Trial

  • Ivanka Trump denies involvement in her father’s financial statements in the fraud trial
  • She was an executive vice-president in the Trump Organization
  • The trial alleges that the Trumps routinely over-inflated the value of their assets on financial statements
  • The statements of financial condition were allegedly fraudulent and aimed at obtaining better loan and insurance deals
  • Ivanka Trump did not recall providing valuation information or reviewing the statements before they were finalized

Ivanka Trump’s testimony in the fraud trial involving her father’s financial statements has shed light on her limited involvement in the Trump Organization’s financial affairs. As the trial continues, the court will weigh the evidence presented and ultimately determine the consequences for the Trump family’s business empire. With multiple criminal cases looming for Donald Trump, the legal battles surrounding his financial dealings are far from over.

Ivanka Trump Denies Involvement in Father's Financial Statements in Fraud Trial

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